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Custody DisputeThe Best Interest of the Child

In child custody cases, Wiejaczka Law, P.C., is mindful that judges will base decisions on the best interest of the child, and that is right in the end, what we do is all about them. It's sad that parents break up, but the most important thing is that children are protected. No matter how much you love them or how much you want them all to yourself, their best interests are what matter to the court. Our task as your lawyer is to help the court decide what is in your child's best interests.

To make a custody decision, the court will look at a host of factors bearing on the child's best interests:

  • What the parents want
  • What the child wants
  • How the child gets along with parents, brothers and sisters and others
  • How settled the child is now with home life, school and friends
  • The mental and physical health of everyone concerned
  • Any record of abuse by a parent against the child or other parent
  • For parents in the military, the terms of a parent's military family care plan
  • The willingness and ability of each parent to facilitate and encourage a loving relationship between the other parent and the child

Resolving Difficult Issues Of Visitation And Removal

In Illinois, if a parent is not granted custody of a child, that parent is entitled to reasonable visitation unless the court decides that visitation will endanger the child in some way  physically or emotionally. In such cases, the court may grant visitation privileges, but only with a third party on hand to supervise.

Out-of-state removals require careful consideration by the court. Parents cannot just “pack up and leave” they must petition the court to move out of state. Because each petition is reviewed on a case-by-case analysis, you will want a skilled lawyer to present your case for leaving or prohibiting the other parent from leaving.

Child custody matters - to you and your child. For assistance, call Wiejaczka Law, P.C., at 847-526-4909, or describe your situation using our online form.

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