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There are four methods to transition from married to unmarried: uncontested, mediation, collaborative, or litigation.  Please click a link or continue reading to determine which one may or may not apply to your situation.


Collaborative differs from mediation in that spouses engage in joint meetings with their attorneys and others trained in the process: child specialists, coaches, and financial neutrals.  To learn more about the collaborative process check out the local group at Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois or the organization at the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

Collaboratibe Law Institute of Illinois                International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce, sometimes known as a “kitchen table divorce,” involves both spouses agreeing on key issues such as division of property, child support and allocation of parenting time and decision making (custody).

Uncontested divorces are popular because they are generally less expensive. Wiejaczka Law, P.C., has successfully assisted many clients through this predictable, affordable process.


If there are no major unresolved issues between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse, you may only need an attorney to help with the paperwork. But you want the best lawyer you can find when certain conditions apply:

  • If your spouse has hired a lawyer. When one side prepares for war, it is wise to keep pace. The rule of thumb is this: The more that is at stake (financially or in terms of access to the children), the more you need a powerful attorney.
  • If there is a history of abuse. This could be abuse against you, against your children, sexual abuse or substance abuse. A capable lawyer can protect you from further abuse.
  • If your spouse is planning to “take you to the cleaners.” Some divorces are nasty, driven by rage, resentment and the desire to punish. This is a dangerous situation in which a lawyer experienced in litigious environments is indispensable.

When necessary, we do conventional divorce litigation. In the courtroom, we are as aggressive as you need us to be. Northwest suburban attorneys respect us for our experience and knowledge, but they are wary of us, too, because they know we will fight for our clients.

We assist with divorce every step the way, including:

Special Circumstances

When a couple’s financial situation is complex when there is a business involved, or significant investments or other assets Wiejaczka Law, P.C., of Hawthorn Woods,  Illinois, is up to the task.

We provide divorce and family law services to all kinds of couples, including same-sex couples and military families.

The Devil Is In The Property Division Details

Some firms offer flat-fee uncontested divorces. Though we price our services at a very affordable level, Wiejaczka Law, P.C., does not offer flat-fee divorce, for one main reason: You may think your divorce is issue-free, but very often one or two issues still require resolution.

  • Who claims the child for taxes?
  • What are the exact terms of visitation?
  • How will college costs be paid?

If you have drafted your own agreement, most likely it will need to be rewritten to be acceptable to the court. Wiejaczka Law, P.C., of Hawthorn Woods, Illinois, will gladly take the time to resolve these outstanding details.

Looking at divorce?  In the courtroom or in mediation, Wiejaczka Law, P.C., offers user-friendly solutions to difficult family conflicts. Call the Hawthorn Woods contested divorce attorney at Wiejaczka Law at 847-526-4909, or write us using this online form.

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