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Post-Decree Modifications

Just as marriages change over time, so do the terms of divorce. Family courts know that, so they provide for the possibility of modifying a divorce decree or court order. These are some of the situations that may require a change:

Child Support Modifications Attorney Serving Barrington

Your former spouse gets a better job. The resulting change in income suggests a modification in child support.

div-decreeAlimony Modifications Lawyer Serving Wauconda

You are laid off from your job. This may require an adjustment of your spousal support/alimony agreement.

Resolving Child Removal Issues In The Northwest Chicago Suburbs

One parent has an attractive job offer in another area. It's not legal to just take the child and move away. A plan for relocation must be agreed to by the other party and accepted by the court.

Other post-decree actions we undertake at Wiejaczka Law, P.C., involve:

  • Enforcement of decrees: Sometimes it is necessary to take your former spouse to court so that existing decrees are obeyed. Contempt proceedings are available to support enforcement efforts.
  • Planning for college costs: Child support only runs through high school, so you and your former spouse's college contributions will have to be addressed.
  • Custody change and termination of visitation rights: Some non-financial change has occurred, such as serious illness, incarceration, substance abuse problems, mental instability or signs of physical or emotional abuse. You will want to take immediate action for your child’s care and safety.

It is common for divorced couples to drift away from divorce decrees and court orders, but it is not recommended. It is not advisable to replace court orders with your own arrangements, and doing so can have very negative and costly consequences.

”Effective, Compassionate, Respectful” That’s Our Motto

Attorney Michelle Wiejaczka knows when to stand firm and when to bend in these challenging situations. We work to prevent emotional escalation and to arrive at decisions both sides can buy into. Very often, we look to mediation and collaborative techniques to resolve disputes and avoid costly and protracted litigation.

Has your divorce situation changed? Call Wiejaczka Law. P.C., post-decree modification attorney with offices in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois, at 847-526-4909 or describe your situation using our online form.

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