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Spousal Support

Many states still call it alimony, the payment of money by one former spouse to the other. Spousal maintenance in Illinois is never a sure thing. It is granted when the income and resources of one party is greater than that of the other, sometimes for a short time, while the payee goes to school or otherwise prepares for employment, and sometimes indefinitely, if the parties have been married a long time.

Factors Considered In Awarding Spousal Support

A spouse cannot seek support to punish or take the other party to the cleaners. Illinois law provides that a spouse’s conduct, which may include adultery, chemical abuse or criminal behavior, is not considered in awarding spousal maintenance.

These are the factors the courts will consider:

  • How long you were married
  • How much you each earn and could earn
  • Your age and health
  • The status of your division of property
  • How well you lived during the marriage

Balanced Spousal Support/Maintenance Solutions

fa42407339If spousal maintenance is an issue in your divorce, whether you are seeking it or being asked to pay it, you should contact a lawyer at Wiejaczka Law, P.C. We have successfully resolved spousal support issues from both sides, and would be happy to discuss your situation.

Dealing with the issue of spousal support?  In the courtroom or at the mediation table, Wiejaczka Law, P.C. will lead you toward positive outcomes in difficult situations. Call the Wauconda family law attorney at Wiejaczka Law, P.C., at 847-526-4909, or write to us using this online form.

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